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The REELtalk


Tap into Facebook and Instagram REELS with me in this step by step course to learn how to adapt a creator's mindset and leverage your social media through content creation.

*The Virtual B.A.E Bootcamp launching soon. Click here for more info* 




Are you ready for the REEL tea on the hottest tool on social media right now?















tips & tricks


If so, this course will provide a step by step guided blueprint on how to create REELS. The goal is to motivate you to use your camera to create videos that takes your Facebook and Instagram to the next level. It's time to boss up and learn how to leverage your social media platforms with content! Let's go!!

I'm Tanae, creator and host of REELtalk Business & Motivation

I've been a virtual assistant for over three years now. I once was working 9 to 5 at my corporate job and felt undervalued and underpaid for my skill set. I was living paycheck to paycheck until I became fed up. I knew I wanted to be my own boss, but I didn't have money to invest and my savings account was non-existent. I began brainstorming ideas on how I could start a business with no start up cost. I've always been a computer geek, fast learner, and great multitasker. Then it HIT me! I already possessed many useful skills that could make a greater impact outside of the workforce. That is when I launched my first business, Costley Virtual Support in 2019. 

   Creating content has always been one of my skills, which led me to offering marketing and social media services as a VA. When REELS came out, I jumped on it and was soon invited to both FB and IG Reels Play Bonus programs. I decided to start a community to bring together other entrepreneurs and creators. I was able to connect and help others. A few months later I decided to start a podcast to motivate and provide free game. I fell in love with putting people on with REELS. This is how The REELtalk Bootcamp came to life!

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REELS have helped me boss up and leverage my social media in many ways.

I was able to quit my corporate 9 to 5.

I was able to make $$$ with Facebook and Instagram REELS Play Bonuses!

I was able to help and motivate thousands of people also make $$$ with REELS!

I was able to grow my business by gaining new clients and exposure from REELS.

I was able to start a Facebook Group, Podcast, and Youtube from REELS.

The REELtalk Bootcamp was launched  to help anyone that is ready to take action to leverage their social media platforms by learning how to create REELS to gain exposure and grow.

No, you don't need to have a business or brand to learn how to create REELS. All you need is your phone to start. Not tech savvy? No worries... this will be a step by step guide including phone screen mirroring to help you get the ball rolling.  This course will cover everything you need to know and more.

It costs $0 to Market with REELS

If you are not posting REELS, you could be leaving money on the table! Content is KING! If you are willing to follow my step by step blueprint and trust the process you can learn how to leverage your social media platforms. To do this you have to take action though! 

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Check out these 8 REEL ideas to post to social media...

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Did you know REELS have the potential to reach a wide audience; gaining new followers, clients, and customers for many? A lot of content creators and entrepreneurs are even able to monetize off views from posting these type of videos.

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I bet you're wondering...

What's inside The REELtalk Bootcamp?

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The REEL Tea

Learn all the basics about REELS in this overview before we get into a deep dive. 
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Adapting a REEL Mindset

This is a deep dive into what type of mindset you will need as a creative to be successful on your REEL journey. 
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Planning Your Content

Learn how to strategically create REELS with my library of 100+ ideas to chose from. (If you don't already know) Find out how to niche down and more!
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Facebook Reels

Learn how to capture, edit, enhance, and post REELS in Facebook's portal. This is a deep dive into every feature available now.
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Instagram Reels

Learn how to capture, edit, enhance, and post REELS in Facebook's portal. This is a deep dive into every feature available now.
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The Key to Capcut

Find out how to use the Capcut App to create REELS outside of Facebook and Instagram giving you more creative range.
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Spice Up Your REELS

Learn how you can make your REELS stand out by creating covers and using other Apps to create with.
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REEL Tips and Tricks

Find out different strategies and techniques to help you on your REEL journey.
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The REEL Bag

This is an overview of how you can make money off of REELS. We will discuss selling products/services and programs that allow you to monetize on FB and IG.
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Leveraging Your Social Media

Learn the importance of posting REELS as I discuss brand awareness, growing your business, and networking on social media.

The REELtalk Bootcamp makes leveraging your social media by  creating content easy...

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My Course


Leveraging Your Social Media

I've done all the research myself to make sure the math IS mathing! That way you won't have to go through the trials and tribulations like I did trying to figure it out on my own. This online course will help you leverage your social media quickly without all the bumps in the road and fustration from not knowing how to create REELS. I am here every step of the way to get you to the next level!

I know you're probably wondering...

What's Some Perks?

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This is what makes The REELtalk Bootcamp different from other courses!

To elaborate...
  • Lifetime Access allows you to go back and review materials whenever you want.  You can go at your own pace and not have to worry about having to sign up again. Even after class is over you can revist this blueprint forever to use as a reference for your business.

  • A Group provides you with a support system of likeminded individuals with the same goal. This is where you can post questions, get insight, and network with others.

  • Add on Coaching Sessions where I give feedback directly and answer questions pertaining to the REELS you create. This will help guide you even more on your REEL journey!

Register Now!
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Remember with NO business or brand or tech experience you can still...

I was able to quit my corporate 9 to 5.

Learn how to capture REELS.

Learn how to edit REELS 

Learn how to enhance REELS

Learn how to batch + schedule REELS


Why are REELS winning?

Yes, the ideas for creating REELS are limitless! This among many other reasons make REELS the hottest tool on social media right now. REELS in a nutsell allow people to...

  • Reach a Wider Audience

  • ​Save on Marketing Costs

  • Increase Clients or Customers

  • Gain Exposure

  • Grow on Social Media


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